Episode 5: Josh Otten, Chief Content Officer, PRØHBTD

Drake and Josh talk in-depth about what content means to cannabis and mainstream consumers, particularly about how storytelling factors into the culture. Then, they dive in on how cannabis entrepreneurs tend to evolve from advocacy, the importance of telling brand stories to spread the word, and how passionate cannabis companies are about their brand message.

Episode 3: MTech CFO and Hypur Ventures Managing Director, Tahira Rehmatullah

This week, Drake speaks with MTech CFO and Hypur Ventures Managing Director Tahira Rehmatullah about how she came to work with the Bob Marley estate, as well as the challenges around getting involved with the rapidly changing investment side of the cannabis industry.

Episode 2: Good Charlotte’s Lead Vocalist, Joel Madden

On this week’s episode, Branding Bud explores the branding and marketing opportunities connecting music and cannabis.

Drake sits down with Good Charlotte lead vocalist, Joel Madden to discuss breaking out of the music box and branching out to other cultural avenues. For Joel, it’s about finding people who can agree that something is special and great, finding ways in which to collaborate, and making that collaboration fun and meaningful.

Episode 1: Matt Scheckner, Co-Founder and CEO, Advertising Week

On this episode, Drake sits down with Matt Scheckner, co-founder and global CEO of Advertising Week, the world’s largest gathering of worldwide gathering of marketing, advertising, technology and brand professionals.

Drake and Matt discuss how marketing shoulders the responsibility of taking cannabis culture to market, building trust with consumers, and how there’s a whole lot more to cannabis than just smoking weed.